Marisa Miller Nude for Allure Magazine

There are very few models that have rocked the runway as well as Marisa Miller. The latest gossip on the model includes pictures of Marisa Miller pregnant and nude for Allure. Well, the Victoria’s secret angel happens to be expecting her first baby and decided to share the amazing pictures of her baby bump with Allure magazine. This goes to prove that a woman is at her prettiest when pregnant, even when they are a supermodel.
Marisa looks really happy in the black and white pictures. She admits that she has never owned a weighing scale before and that recently, she has been seeing numbers she hasn’t seen on the scales before. The one time vogue model agrees that it was hard to see figures she had never seen before but having a new goal in mind made it a little easier. Besides, she states that she understands that gaining weight is part of the progress.

marisa miller pregnant 2012
The supermodel, who has been named several times as one of the sexiest people on earth, and her husband of six years announced that they were pregnant earlier in the year. She disclosed that she is really excited about having a new baby because she and her husband have been looking forward to starting their own family. She continues to say that when she discovered that she was pregnant, she sought help online and got a recipe that includes shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. She said that she boiled and used the ingredients because they are a great way to deal with stretch marks.
The model admitted that it is easy to feel swollen and puffy but she is learning to come to terms with her fuller figure. She says that she always thought that accentuating one’s curves when they are pregnant is amazing and showing off the belly is really good. Even though she has gained a lot of weight and is breaking off everywhere due to the hormones, she knows she is doing it for the baby and is happy to.

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