Megan Fox Is More Than Sexy In Cosmopolitan

Megan Fox cosmpolitan 2012

Megan Fox got on the cover of  March 2012 Cosmopolitan where she talks more about her relationship with husband,Brian Austin Green.

In her interview with Cosmopolitan,she says that when she saw Brian,she felt butterflies in the stomach.

This confirms that love can show everywhere,no matter where you are,and the feeling is amazing.

Megan mentions that they’ve had also obstacles in their relationship like every other one,this is not something new because in the end every relationship has ups and downs.

As long as their credit cards are full,and mortgages are paid if there are any,I don’t see something wrong.

Also you know that most of the celebs end up in drug rehabs,I hope they don’t end too.I am sure they won’t!

Their life insurance is covered!

Photo credit : Cosmopolitan

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