Megan Fox spreading her wings up!

Megan Fox is triing to spread her wings up!After a huge success of the Transformers I understand her,perfectly!It was expected that Transformers 2 will have even a better success like the first one,with a budget of $200 million it’s hard not to go on the top of the other movie and it’s Steven Spielberg people and sometimes the name matters!

Megan Was spotted outside the Letterman’s show!The paparazzos got her in sight and said"You are ours now,surrender!",and she conformed with the idea,not even tried to go the the car..

She is now an profesional actress,on the cover of the magazine,but one thing sure it’s missing,maybe singing?Come on,Megan you can do that too,right?You don’t even need to sing,the computer will help you in this issue!You just need do move your mouth in all the direction so that the audience can believe that too!

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