Michael Douglas got a second chance

Michael Douglas has escaped from cancer,he received 100% support from his family and this makes everything!Is nice when you have a family that loves and help you, Michael is one of the lucky ones.

The Douglas family spent aThanksgiving weekend at a pair of Florida theme parks.

Popeater reports:

“The trip was Michael’s idea. He wanted to take Catherine and the kids to the happiest place on earth after the hell the entire family has been through,”

“Michael couldn’t look or feel healthier.

“After eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy and a long time at home recuperating in his NYC apartment, Michael wanted to have some fun with his family.

“Now he knows how lucky he is every day to be surrounded by his amazing wife and children.

“It’s something he will never take for granted again.”

A terrible disease makes you feel to the maximum,a great man said.

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