Michael Jackson plans tobe embalmed after death!

U.S. singer Michael Jackson plans to donate his body to be embalmed after death by Gunther von Hagens, the organizer of the exhibition Body Worlds global.
Controversial scientist said that he can to provide music pop star the immortality gift. Gunther von Hagens is the inventor of the technique called "plastinare" which preserve biological tissues. UK tabloid Daily Star said that Michael Jackson wants his body to be embalmed by Hagens, who has gained world fame itself controversial because of the global exhibition "Body Worlds" that organizes. British magazine quoted a source close to the American singer, who said that "it is definitely decided to accept this procedure when the moment arrives."In an interview published by German magazine Bild, Gunther von Hagens said that is not allowed to disclose names of people who donate their bodies after death, because of the confidentiality clause between doctor and patient. However, the german specialist added: "I can only say so – one of his Michael Jackson got in touch with us."

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