Michelle Kwan Engaged to White House Sweetheart

Over Labor Day weekend, figure skating sensation Michelle Kwan celebrated the holiday with boyfriend, Clay Pell on Block Island off of Rhode Island’s coast. After nearly a year and a half of dating, Pell finally sealed the deal with Kwan by asking the champion to marry him and she said yes after an unexpected marriage proposal in the water.

Michelle Kwan, at 32 years old is a five time world champion as well as an Olympic medalist who first gained an interest in figure skating at the young age of five years old and officially started competing two years later at age seven. In 2006, Michelle gave up her favorite sport because of a hip injury and began travelling around the world to speak to young people about the importance of leadership when she was announced as being the U.S. Public Diplomacy Ambassador. Four years later she was responisble for educating people on how to lead a healthy way of life and in 2011; she was able to obtain her master’s degree in international relations.

Michelle Kwan is a successful and ambitious woman who is able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to and marrying the intellectual Clay Pell will only encourage her more to be the best she can possibly be.

michelle kwan engaged

Clay Pell, a Georgetown and Harvard University graduate who currently works at the White House as part of the National Security staff for strategic planning. Pell is the grandson of Claiborne Pell, the former Rhode Island senator who is best known for creating Pell Grants to help American college students afford the tuition costs. The couple had talked about getting married and starting a family for a while but the reaction on any girl’s face when they are finally asked the question is priceless with Kwan stating that the decision to say yes was simple but the most exciting part.

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