Mickey Rourke, caught at the airport with 36 kilograms of shoes

U.S. actor Mickey Rourke has amazed the famous staff of Heathrow airport in London, he was caught with a suitcase full of shoes, weighing approximately 36 kilograms.Bag full of shoes of Rourke has exceeded the weight limit. Thus, before passing the boarding formalities for his flight to New York, American actor had to redistribute pairs of other shoes in his luggage.
Rourke, aged 56 years, returned home last week after a stay of eight days spent in London, where he won the BAFTA for his role in the movie “The Wrestler”.
“It was, indeed, something strange and wonderful to see,” said one of the Heathrow airport in London.
“Employees have thought initially that the suitcase was his BAFTA award,” said the source. “It was very cold outside, but he does not wear socks, but only a pair of blue shoes with a very low heel. He had about 40 pairs of shoes very similar to those that they have standing,” explained the source.
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