Mike Sorrentino In Rehab

mike sorrentino in rehab

Jersey Shore cast member Mike Sorrentino has reportedly checked himself into rehab at an unknown location. Better known by his nickname of “The Situation,” Mike Sorrentino has been battling substance abuses according to TMZ sources, but the actor has denied the allegations. His rep has said publicly that Sorrentino spent the past few weeks at an unknown location for much needed rest and a break from the busy schedule which includes filing production and PR appearances.

Recently Co-stars of his have speculated over his sexual orientation. Both Snooki and JWoww have publicly indicated their doubts over his preference for women instead of men and brought about quite a bit of speculation from fans. Sorrentino’s buddy, The Unit, has defended him and tried correct the allegations against him while Sorrentino himself has slammed the allegations against him. He fears that speculation against his sexual preference will harm his image and brand relationships.

Photo credit : People

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