Mike Tyson loves pigeons…he has 2500!

mike tyson pigeons

Mike Tyson doesn’t have dogs,cats like usual people,he has no more than 2500 pigeons and loves them all.

“I have birds everywhere that I go,” he said. “I have them at different homes that I live and hang out at.

“All together I have probably around 2,500 birds.”

The champ also revealed he has problems with money:

“I’m totally destitute and broke,” he said. “But I have an awesome life, I have an awesome wife who cares about me. I’m totally broke. I had a lot of fun. It (going broke) just happened.

“I don’t deserve to have the wife that I have; I don’t deserve the kids that I have, but I do, and I’m very grateful.”

Think about how good was in his job and what he became,really sad,huh?

This usually happens when you are no longer useful to this society,they treat you like nothing.

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