Miley Cyrus Does Special for boyfriend on his birthday

Miley Cyrus white dress

In a special celebration for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus did something that wasn’t too cool. It came when the birthday cake was brought out, and with the drinking that Miley had been doing all night, it wasn’t a scene that was too fun or even anything but X-rated.

The cake that was in a shape of a penis was acting as if she was licking the cake. Though it may show that she wasn’t really worried much about the people who were around, but really was it something that the young actress needed? Of course that was obvious in other things that she’s done in the past.

Perhaps it could have been a sign when she was pictured smoking some salvia from a bong. Or perhaps when posing for Vanity Fair in not only topless poses, but some really odd ones that included her dad. Another thing about her past is the fact that she has joked around many times in the past about pot smoking. This doesn’t always make her the most popular among people. But it sure does show that she does enjoy having a fun time.

 Photo credit : Crestock

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