Miranda Kerr 7 for All Mankind Campaign Summer 2015

Each year, the trends change and women start to buy all of the new clothing on the market. However, there is an easier way to update a wardrobe without having to re-buy everything. Instead of purchasing everything anew, it can be helpful to focus on a few key purchases.

Denim is one of the purchases that can revamp a closet without having to spend a small fortune. Each year, there are new designs and colors to choose from, making it easy to find new trends that will last a few years. For those looking to stay up on trends without losing half their wallet, there are three top denim styles to look out for in the coming months.


Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jean has been a staple for some time, but many designers are revamping their take on the style. In recent articles and advertisements, customers can see the Miranda Kerr 7 for All Mankind Campaign Summer 2015 with Kerr pictured in different styles of this year’s line.

In her photos, Kerr makes the new boyfriend style look incredible. This style of jeans is low-waisted with a comfortable fit. This season, most lines are showing cut-up looks with tears and cuts throughout the length of the jeans. It seems that the distressed look will be sticking around this summer.

Combined Fabrics

For fasionistas looking to make a statement, this season is bring new lines of combined fabrics. Using different fabrics has brought many styles into new life, bringing much more color into the equation. Mixed fabrics have been a favorite in past seasons, but the new summer lines show much more femininity.

In the past, the counterculture hippie vibe made a re-emergence. This year, the designs are more understated and bring more of a feminine touch. Styles include blue denim with khaki, asymmetric blends of blue and white, and long jean skirts with hints of color at the bottom. Some jeans combine military fabrics to give a less feminine and more serious look, for women who would not describe themselves as girly.

Short and Rolled Up Jeans

This style can save a lot of money. Whether someone is looking to buy new jeans or repurpose what they already own, the short and rolled up jean look is easy to pull off. In the Miranda Kerr 7 for All Mankind Campaign Summer 2015, Kerr can be seen with different jeans rolled up or looking shorter.

The rolled up jean look opens up a lot of doors for those wearing the style. For those who are into a more relaxed fit, they can simply buy the relaxed jeans and roll up the bottoms. Customers who enjoy a tighter skinny jean fit can fold the bottoms of their jeans up to achieve the look. While rolled up and shorter jeans are coming back, the shorter capris look does not seem to be in this summer. Instead, jeans are just above the ankle or originally longer and rolled up for a similar aesthetic.

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