Miranda Kerr dazzles in Vogue Thailand

Have you seen Miranda Kerr in Vogue Thailand December edition? She gave a taste of her cover photo some days ago but now the really thing is all out. She has always been dazzling but this time round she dazzles 110%.


She rocks in short flirty feminine dresses and the photographer, Russell James, does a good work in covering all angles. Those who do not know her age might mistake her for being in her early 20s but believe it that she is 32 and a mother of one. The catching piece of all the photo sets is when she stands side-on facing the camera.

Natural beauty at its best

The model appears simple in her wind-blown hair and only adds soft make up. The rest is herself in natural element. This brings out her feminine side that may have been blurred by her modelling lofty stature. Those who never believe in beauty the natural way will have a second thought on this premise.

Photo credit : Russell James

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