Miranda Kerr for W Korea June 2015 Edition

Australian model, Miranda Kerr for W Korea, is staring in Lapause story in the pages of their latest edition. In the newest photographs of Miranda Kerr for W Korea, she posses with fun sexy gazes, wearing Reebok, American Apparel, Arche, H-connect, and Cres. E Dim. Miranda makes the everyday normal clothes; baggy shorts, crop tops and joggy pants, look sexy. Whether Miranda is in a ball gown, or casual clothes, she always looks fabulous with her supermodel figure, dark brown hair, and deep stunning eyes.


You would think that with Miranda’s supermodel body she would work out for hours. Miranda spills about her shocking exercise routine, which is just 15 minutes long. She says sometimes she is so busy that she can only get in a 15 minute routine. It quickly covers muscles in the whole body, without equipment. It consists of 1 minute of push ups, 1 minute plank, 1 minute squats, 1 minute of jumping jacks, 1 minute of left leg raises, 1 minute wall sit, 1 minute bridge, 1 minute right leg raises, 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute mountain climbers, and 1 minute of jumping jacks again. She stops for only 10 seconds between each exercise. The routine sounds intense to do in 15 minutes.

Miranda Kerr was born April 20, 1983 in Sydney. She was raised in Gunnedah, and in Brisbane where she moved with her family in her teen years. Miranda dreamed to be a nutritionist; she even studied nutrition and health psychology in college after graduation.

Miranda started modeling for many clothing brands, print advertisements and runways after her 14th birthday. She has an extensive list of noteworthy companies she modeled for such as, Dolly, Roxy, Billabong Girls, One Teaspoon, Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline, Marie Claire, Tigerlily, and Vogue!


Orlando Bloom and Miranda started dating in 2007 and were married in 2010. At their wedding Miranda was 4 months pregnant. They had a son and gave him an exceedingly long name of Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom!! Orlando and Miranda have since separated in 2013, but stay close for their son. They actually live across the street from each other for the sake of their son, which is 4 years old now.

Miranda spoke about Flynn, saying: “I love to see that everyday he’s learning something new and just the wonder in his eyes and the enthusiasm that he has is just so inspiring.” Miranda loves being a mom, and admits she’s a pretty strict one. Manners are very important to her, as well as not spoiling Flynn. He doesn’t get presents, except on his birthday and special holidays. People comment that Flynn seems to have an English accent. Miranda says it must come from his father who has an Australian accent.

In May 2015 Miranda Kerr for W Korea attended the Louis Vuitton Cruise collection show in Palm Springs. She was wearing one of the luxury label black leather skirt, which isn’t near released yet. The leather mini skirt features a sleep A line cut with zipper hardware. Miranda managed to snaffle a shortened version of the leather skirt they showed on the runway at the Louis show. There are many perks to being a supermodel!

Photos credit : W Korea

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