Miranda Kerr “Joyful” Fragrance Campaign

An all-elated amazingly beautiful Miranda Kerr, who makes her living as a world class supermodel, is the new ambassador of Escada’s Joyful fragrance. In an advert dubbed Miranda Kerr “Joyful” Fragrance Campaign, the 39-year old Australian model and a former Victoria’s secret angel is certainly at the top notch of her career and modelling passion. Having bagged herself as face of the Reebok Skyscape forever, Ms. Miranda is probably smelling it sweet in the success world.

miranda kerr escada joyful

Clad in a hot pink gown, plus an added wind-tousled tresses, she flashes her cute dimples on the shots of the campaign taken on a merry-go-round. As a model who approaches life in a unique perspective, filled with positivity and confidence, the Escada company believes that this floral Joyful fragrance is meant for women of substance just like her.

Interestingly, Miranda Kerr experiences the joyful moments with the Escada’s product and its no lie that an audience can be highly captivated by this incomparable beauty. Designed with an inspiration of floral scent, the Joyful fragrance poses a real life situation of the joy when one is presented with a bouquet of flowers. This embodiment of quality and dedication in this fragrance is what puts Miranda Kerr the perfect match to stand in line with the campaign.

The Australian model, just like a doll, believes in the theory of smile for smile, and her stunning eyes can tell all this, so refreshing. Thus, there is no doubt how she has managed to carve her modelling career all the way from Australia. With her on the picture of the product’s limelight, it would be a great idea for the modern woman to try and engage the Escada’s Joyful fragrance into her ‘must have”, hence the surest way of harvesting a good fortune in return.

Thus, the Escada’s Joyful perfume seemingly has got the knob and is getting into the leads in the global market, just because the world is openly ready to receive what embeds a super-models face.

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