Mischa Barton gets some meat on her face!

Mischa Barton

Photo credit : Tyler Shields

When I see that meat on Mischa’s Barton face,I only think at Lady Gaga and her meat dress.Even Bruce Willis played with this meat thing..

Well,Mischa is not well seen by PETA,this happens also to her photographer,Tyler Shields.

PETA sent something interesting to TOOFAB:

“This raw meat stuff is getting old and may not only hurt and kill cows, it may hurt Mischa, because  so much meat is infected with salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter that licking it is like licking a toilet.  In addition to this being completely unoriginal, it’s completely callous—flesh from a tortured animal isn’t a joke, isn’t camp, and isn’t cool. Meat is full of blood, is produced with violence, and causes great suffering. So if that’s the look they were going for, too bad: They could have taken a leaf out of the playbooks of Pamela Anderson and Alyssa Milano, two PETA pinups who have shown off their natural beauty in outfits made of lettuce leaves for PETA’s “Let Vegetarianism Grow on You” campaign.”

Tyler Shields said something too:

“I did not kill the cow, I just bought the meat. If they feel like I should be using lettuce instead of meat, I will see if I can work that into something.  I don’t attack them for being non-meat eaters so I hope they can respect my choice as a human to eat it.”

After that photoshoot,they should make a good barbeque and invite us too,yummy!

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