Nadja and Tommaso Sparkle for Gucci

Scandinavian beauty, Nadja Bender, is the female face of the Gucci Watches and Jewelry 2014 Campaign. She has already appeared for the brand in previous campaigns and runway shows. In a series of stunning poses, caught on camera in London by Solve Sundsbo, Nadja showcases the stunning designs in close up. Clad in a dark velvet garment that shows off the gold and jewels to perfection, the Danish model plays the rôle of human jewelry case to perfection.

gucci watches 2014

The mood of the shots evokes the work of photographers Franco Rubartelli and Olivo Barbieri from the 1960s, with just two focal points: the face of the model and the Gucci items. This dramatically simple style accentuates the unashamed luxury, timeless style and sophistication of the watches and jewelry on display.

Two exquisite women’s watches are on show: the signature ‘Horsebit’ style, with a band of pave diamonds on the top, and an interlocking model in black PVD and 18 carat pink gold. A men’s watch is also displayed, modelled in similar close-up by Tommaso De Benedictis, and featuring the G-Timeless Slim Automatic, with a silver diamante pattern dial and black leather strap.


The rest of the Gucci Watches and Jewelry 2014 Campaign consists of items from three of the classic Gucci jewelry ranges. From the iconic Horsebit collection, there is a matching bracelet and ring in chunky 18 carat yellow gold. The Bamboo style is represented by three wide bracelets encrusted in diamonds in shades of gold: yellow, pink and white. The spirit of Diamantissima comes in the form of three lattice design rings, delicately fashioned in 18 carat yellow gold.

The Gucci Watches and Jewelry 2014 Campaign launched at Baselworld, Switzerland. Their show booth pays tribute to the company’s Florentine heritage, celebrating their craftsmanship in past workshops alongside their use of modern technology. Items from the collection will be appearing in selected stores and online, any day now.

Photos credit : Gucci Timeless

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