Naruto Fortnite Skins – How Much Do They Cost? Ranking Them from Worst to Best

Before knowing about skins, let’s know when the first crossover between the game and the anime series took place. Characters from Naruto made their debut way back in the second episode of the ninth season. Although the first version didn’t provide much, it significantly altered the game for series aficionados. Ninjas like Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha became incredibly popular skins in the game despite only being accessible for a brief period of time. Please be aware that not all of the Naruto skins in Fortnite correspond to the existence of every character from the series. Therefore, there is a ton of room for creativity and development. On June 23, 2022, new skins were most recently added.

Fortnite x Naruto
Fortnite x Naruto

The return of enticing challenges featuring Itachi Uchiha and Orochimaru, in addition to the provision of clothing for these characters, thrilled players. Fans have the chance to rediscover the Hidden Leaf Village map’s excitement and promise. By completing tasks on the adventure map, fans may visit well-known Naruto locations, earn experience points, and unlock exclusive rewards like different Byakugan designs for the Hinata Hyuga character, among other things. There is absolutely a significant likelihood that the upcoming version will include additional gaming.

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What is the Cost of Naruto Fortnite Skins?

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that not all skins are always available. You won’t be able to buy something like Naruto skins right now from the in-game store. On November 15, 2022, all of the skins were last obtainable.

However, there is no need for fans to be upset because it is quite likely that Epic Games will re-release the most eagerly awaited skins very soon. Skins and associated products may always be tracked in the store. The personalities that end users receive from these products closely match the personas from the original anime series since they contain a variety of cosmetics.

Fortnite creators have always accompanied their skin clothes with stunning accessories, from Kunai and scrolls to special components like Kurama, the most potent and recognizable nine-tailed beast from Naruto episodes, in order to make the aesthetics more realistic and nostalgic for Naruto fans. Although the latter is dead in the anime, it is extremely energizing to see it live in Fortnite.

Fortnite x Naruto (paper art edition)
Fortnite x Naruto (paper art edition)

Make sure you have extra V-Bucks when the Naruto skins are released in the future so you may expand your Fortnite character roster. Such information is frequently released in advance, giving you time to get ready.

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For reference, the current V-Bucks prices are:

100 V-Bucks – $7.99 (Value: 125 V-Bucks/$); 2800 V-Bucks – $19.99 (Value: 140 V-Bucks/$); 5000 V-Bucks – $31.99 (Value: 156 V-Bucks/$); 13,500 V-Bucks – $79.99 (Value: 168 V-Bucks/$)

The cost of Naruto cosmetics at their initial release in November 2021 is listed below:

The major heroes’ and heroines’ costumes, which included the Naruto Uzumaki Fortnite skin, cost 1,500 V-Bucks a piece. You might save some money by buying two-character packages. The cost of the Shinobu gear package was 1,500 V-Bucks, whereas the price of the Kakashi Hokage package was 600 V-Bucks higher. Fans were also enticed to buy new types of accessories and emoticons, such as Ramen Break for 300 V-Bucks and Kunai Pickaxe for 500.

Unlocking Skin Through Challenges

The Nindo assignments are another well-liked method to take part in the Naruto world’s adventures and earn worthwhile prizes. Even if these in-game tasks are not yet accessible, keeping a record of your previous battles can help you prepare for the ones to come. What’s more, it’s obvious that there are many methods to add the Kakashi Hokage Naruto Fortnite skin to your collection using Fortnite.

The previous round of Nindo challenges featuring illustrious people ran from June 21 to July 7. Users may go to the Fortnite website after completing the tasks to view their accomplishments in their Epic Games profile. Whichever route people choose to take, completing it successfully ensures 20,000 experience points and a number of bonuses, including the Akatsuki Weapon Wrap. It was possible to get a unique prize, the Manda glider, for those participants who were incredibly committed to finishing all four parts of the challenge and earning 80,000 experience points overall.

Let’s examine the difficulties that players encountered in such battles in more detail:

Among all the Naruto skins in Fortnite, Hinata was the only one that required you to catch 20 fish in order to gain the achievement and acquire her beautiful Byakugan emoticon.

Naruto in Baryon mode
Naruto in Baryon mode

Itachi was another popular design among the new Fortnite Naruto skins. Because you had to take part in the combat five times and place in the top six, getting the desired outcome was a little bit more difficult. Players were then rewarded with the character’s astonished emoji. You needed to suffer a total of 18 eliminations if you wanted to see Orochimaru smiling.

The fourth way was for Gaara supporters, which is crucial but not the least of all. The concentrated facial expression of the hero was shown to lucky and experienced players after they had survived storm circles 24 times. These exchanges were undoubtedly worthwhile because the weapon performance was impressive. For instance, Kunai’s numbers promised a maximum range of 300 meters and a recharge cooldown of 4 seconds.

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Best Naruto Fortnite Skins:

Let’s have a look at all the Naruto Fortnite skins, ranked from worst to best.

8. Gaara

Gaara Fortnite skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Gaara Fortnite skin

Gaara is a fascinating and fully realized character. He is a villain who becomes a hero and a source of inspiration for those who are different. He serves as a reminder that it is possible to go past your mistakes and improve yourself.

Gaara’s Sand Cloud Glider was also released along with his skin.

7. Itachi

Itachi Fortnite x Naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Itachi Fortnite skin

Although Itachi’s actions were initially interpreted as those of a traitor, it was later discovered that he had slaughtered his kin to avert a civil war. He also had a strategy for shielding his brother Sasuke from the perils of the Shinobi world.

The Black Ops variant of the second outfit is also available to interested parties. Fans will immediately recognize the connection to Itachi’s tenure as a member of the Anbu ninja team in this instance. Thanks to certain armor that is greyish, you can see it right away.

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6. Hinata

Hinata Fortnite x naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Hinata Fortnite skin

Hinata is a complex, well-rounded heroine who is encouraging and sympathetic. She serves as a reminder that even the most timid and quiet people can be strong and brave.

Hinata is an important part of Team 8 and the Hidden Leaf Village, and she will no doubt keep having a good influence on the world. Her default appearance in the game is her customary ensemble of a black jacket, blue leggings, and long black hair. The second option was how she might look after getting married to the protagonist of the main plot.

5. Sasuke

Sasuke Fortnite x Naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Sasuke Fortnite skin

One of the most captivating character arcs in the Naruto series is that of Sasuke. He is a cold and cunning villain at first, but he comes to understand the value of friendship and compassion. He develops into a hero who will battle for what he stands for, even if it means denying himself happiness.
Fans of the Naruto series love Sasuke as a character. He is frequently acclaimed for his cool and fashionable appearance, his potent skills, and his nuanced and well-rounded personality. He is also a well-liked cosplay figure.

4. Sakura

Sakura Fortnite x Naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Sakura Fortnite skin

Sakura is a nice and kind individual who is ever ready to provide a hand. She has a high IQ and is an expert in medical ninjutsu. She is frequently overshadowed by her colleagues, Naruto and Sasuke, and is first presented as being weak and defenseless.

Her standard clothing in the game is identical to what she wore during the Shippuden era: her traditional shorts and red dress in Japanese fashion sans sleeves. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Fortnite’s designers picked the second costume for her as an option skin.

3. Orochimaru

Orochimaru Fortnite x Naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Orochimaru Fortnite skin

The main adversary of the Naruto series is Orochimaru. He is accountable for numerous murders and acts of devastation, and he is always looking for new methods to consolidate his control. He has some sympathetic traits, but he is also a highly complicated character. As an illustration, he is a victim of his own desire and ultimately seeks immortality out of fear of dying.

In the world of the game, he also makes two incredible appearances:

In the first instance, Orochimaru’s appearance is a reflection of his Missing-nin time. This basic outfit consists of black leggings, a black T-shirt, a dull gray cloak, and a vivid purple-toned rope.
Players can identify Orochimaru as a member of the Anbu squad in the second scenario. His attire thus closely mimics Sasuke’s alternative look.

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2. Kakashi

Kakashi Fortnite x Naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Kakashi Fortnite skin

The Sharingan, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu are among the many skills that Kakashi possesses as a trained ninja. One of the five elemental chakra natures, the Lightning Release, is another skill he has mastered.
He has a strong, complicated personality. He is distant and enigmatic, yet he is also sympathetic and gentle. He is a real hero and a great addition to Team 7 and Konohagakure.

The skin’s default appearance is an exact replica of how it first appeared in the anime. The attention to detail in this thoughtful outfit extends to the facemask and the traditional arm patch. His attire is typical Japanese ninja garb in shades of gray and navy blue. The fact that his clothes must have big pockets is another lovely touch.

1. Naruto

Naruto Fortnite x Naruto skin
Fortnite x Naruto: Naruto Fortnite skin

As a young child, a potent demon fox known as the Nine-Tailed Fox was trapped inside of Naruto, making him the jinchuriki of the creature. Because of this, the Konohagakure villagers fear and hate Naruto. Despite this, Naruto never allows it to deter him from his goals of becoming the Hokage and a powerful ninja.
Naruto experiences a great deal of growth during the course of the series. He gains strength, self-assurance, and maturity. He also learns how to command the Nine-Tailed Fox and harness its might to defend his companions and his community. By the conclusion of the series, Naruto has earned the affection and respect of the Konohagakure villagers and is a formidable and well-respected ninja.

Since the primary version is based on his style from the second portion, a look known as the “Shippuden appearance“, it is simple to comprehend what it looks like. The alternative skin has a vibrant quality that sets it apart; his well-known orange-and-black tracksuit is easily identifiable.

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The Fortnite and Naruto crossover was a fantastic approach to melding two popular cultures. It gave fans of both Fortnite and Naruto a fresh way to interact with their favorite characters. The partnership was also financially successful, which increased interest in both Fortnite and Naruto.

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