Boruto’s Uphill Controversy Battle after Fans Accused Naruto Sequel of Promoting Genocide

Fans of Naruto and its sequel Boruto series do not need any introduction to the Uchiha Clan, the clan played a major role in building the plot of the series and was essential to the story from the beginning of the series till the end. However, last year, fans seemed to notice that Nauto’s sequel, Boruto is trying to erase this relevance while being very subtle about it.

Prominent Members of the Uchiha clan

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Erasure Of Uchiha Clan In Boruto

While in Naruto Uchiha Clan was one of the most important clans in the series, it is found to be largely absent in Boruto, which has led to upset fans.
There are still a few Uchiha characters in Boruto left, like Sasuke and Sarada, but they are not shown to be as relevant as they were in the original Series.
Many have also pointed out how Sarada, one of the last few remaining Uchiha Clan members, does not know about her own clan’s history and how she is largely unaware of it.

Sarada Uchiha, One Of The Remaining Uchiha Alive

Boruto makers have also been criticized for trying to replace the Uchiha clan with other irrelevant families, such as the Fuma Clan, who were shown as the distant relatives of the Uchiha Clan.

What Is The Fuma Clan

As told above, Fuma Clan is known for being a distant relative to the Uchiha Clan. They were shown to have taken over the military and police force of the Hidden Leaf Village, something which was the role of the Uchiha Clan in the past. It is important to note that it is not the first time the clan has appeared, in fact, it has made several appearances in the original series but never managed to make a major impact on the plot.

A Member Of The Fuma Clan

They are also credited with the creation of Fuma Shuriken, which is essentially a giant shuriken and something Sasuke has used in the past.

Fans Response To The Subtle Erasure

People on Twitter have seemed to have reacted rather negatively upon the realization of how Boruto is subtly trying to replace the Uchiha Clan with other irrelevant clans.
The reason the word “subtly” is used in this context is that many have pointed out how the progression of the Fuma Clan taking over as the new Uchiha Clan seems to happen in filler episodes of Boruto. For the above-said reason, the studio responsible for the series was also met with some serious backlash from users on Twitter.

Regardless of the intent of the studio creating Boruto, this event helped bring to light the legacy of the Uchiha Clan, which fans seemed to enjoy reminiscing about during the backlash. Boruto has recently gone through a time skip with Sarada becoming more mature, so there is still hope more of this legacy is visited during the upcoming chapters and episodes of the series.

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