Natalie Portman: A Beautiful Mind

Natalie Portman is one of the most versatile actresses of our time. Whether she’s playing space royalty or a slightly terrifying ballerina, we are always spell bound by her performances. Portman was featured on the cover of ELLE France’s most recent edition. The magazine features a spread of the genius and porcelain faced Portman sporting attire all from Dior.

Portman’s cover style is reminiscent of a blend of old Hollywood with a modern intellectual twist. She is sporting an elegant and classic black Dior dress which suits her perfectly. Portman who is now 33 years old (born June 9, 1981) shines with feminine confidence and strength in her cover shot. Even though Portman has been featured in promotional campaigns for Dior in the past it is evident that this is not the baby faced and demure Natalie we once knew.


Slipping through the pages of Portman’s ELLE France shoot it is easy to imagine why the creative powers at Dior use the always striking Portman to sport their makeup lines, perfumes and attire. Portman might be a beautiful and world famous actress but Dior sees beyond this. Many people are unaware of the true genius and therefore innate beauty of Portman. The woman who wears Dior is not just interested in aesthetics but also inner beauty. Portman embodies both inner and outer beauty making her the perfect role model, spokesperson and cover girl for ELLE France and Dior alike.

in 1999 Portman enrolled at the prestigious Ivy league university, Harvard. Portman graduated with a degree in psychology and continues to act. This is a woman who we can all look up to. Portman’s spread is nothing short of breathtaking with her bright and illuminating makeup which highlights her mouth in a light pink hue which is not overpowering.

Portman’s glamour shot in the magazine features a beautifully crafted cream lace dress. This lace dress could easily fit in to any decade from 1950 to present day. Portman shines in the cream and soft lace pattern which is a stark contrast to her serious and dramatic facial expression. The clothes Dior has featured in the Portman shoot are all neutral and understated, similar to Portman herself.

Portman wears the same earrings in each of the magazine’s photos except for one where she isn’t wearing any at all. The lack of jewelry and therefore gaudiness is not attributable to the hollywood throwback look but rather to Portman’s own unique, intelligent and thought provoking aesthetic.

The entire Dior-Portman combination for ELLE France was captivating from first page to last. There is no way that anyone, be they fashion enthusiast or intellectual could look at the cover of ELLE and not feel that there is something more behind Portman’s movie star looks, indeed we know, it is her beautiful mind. Many models and actresses would jump at the opportunity to pose head to toe covered in Dior for ELLE France, however Dior has the perfect embodiment of beautiful body and mind in Natalie Portman. Whether you think of Portman as Queen Amidala or The Black Swan, this shoot is sure to captivate.

Photo credit : Mathieu Cesar / Elle France

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