Madara Uchiha’s English Voice Actor Neil Kaplan’s Secret to Becoming More Popular Than Japanese Dub: “Don’t do voices! Play characters”

Neil Kaplan is a very renowned voice actor in the anime industry and has managed to build himself as a brand after working in many series and franchises. Some of his popular work includes his role as Johnny Bravo, a classic Cartoon Network show, as well as the legendary Madara Uchiha in the Naruto series.

The actor shared the secret to how he manages to give life to the characters he gives his voice to after he was interviewed at the Hub City Comic Convention 2019.

Neil Kaplan, Voice Of Madara Uchiha
Neil Kaplan, The Voice Of Legendary Madara Uchiha

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Neil Kaplan’s Secret To Success

The famous voice actor has definitely had his own share of experience after working for many years in the industry, he revealed in the interview how he always teaches
Don’t do voices! Play Characters“.

This essentially means that someone who has got an opportunity to be in this line of work should not tread it lightly, instead, they should get in the shoes of the character they are playing and play out the emotions instead, hence, giving some life to the role.

Kaplan explained how it does not mean anything unless the voice actor is able to become the character themselves, dwelling deep into the life of the role they have got. He explained how there are billions of people on this planet but if you are the one who has got the role of playing a character, maybe like Superman, then it is rather your duty to play him out correctly and responsibly.

Neil Kaplan Interview
Neil Kaplan Talking About How One Need To Be The Character Themselves

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Competition In The Japanese Voice Acting Industry

The job of voice acting in the animated industry is told to be extremely brutal, often being explained as very competitive in nature. Controversies regarding the same have surrounded the industry in the past but to no avail.

However, there are some lucky few who have been able to escape this path of forever deadlines and horrible working environments, one of them being Mayumi Tanaka, the voice actor of Luffy in the popular One Piece series who has managed to build herself a net worth of an estimated $42 million.

Mayumi Tanaka
Mayumi Tanaka, Voice Actor Of Luffy

While some may have been lucky enough, many in this line of work are still not paid enough for what they do, and unfortunately, this applies to other workers such as illustrators and animators too.

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