New Minato Manga Reveals Naruto Uzumaki Clan’s Terrifying Ability That Sunk a Ninja Superpower

Millions around the world have grown up watching Naruto in their childhood, the series has over 700 chapters as well as 500 animated adaptations. Despite the series coming to an end nearly a decade ago, Naruto still manages to be popular amongst those who watch anime.

The story of Naruto is like a well-woven piece of silk cloth, closely tied together, the genius of Masashi Kishimoto is displayed in the storytelling of the series, leaving fans asking for more. That leads us to today, the Mangaka has released a
One-Shot manga about Minato Namikaze, a character who has managed to win the popularity contest conducted recently.

Minato New one Shot Manga Naruto
Illustration Of Minato In The New One-Shot Manga

However, something which nobody expected was the number of panels dedicated to Naruto’s mother, Kushina. She was shown having a conversation with Mito Uzumaki, wife of the first hokage, revealing shocking information about the Uzumaki Clan.

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Naruto’s Most Feared Clan To Exist

It is a known fact that the Uzumaki clan was seen as a threat to the other nations, eventually leading to the clan being attacked by other villages except Konohagakure, leading to their end.
The new one-shot manga however takes us on a deep journey on what exactly was the Uzumaki Clan, and why were they feared.

Uzumaki And Konoha Village Naruto
Uzumaki Clan And Hidden Leaf Village, Having A Treaty

While talking to Kushina, Mito discloses how the clan was known for its proficient life force as well as sealing jutsus. These powers became something to be sought after during times of war, leading to the clan’s eventual destruction.

Kushina And MIto Manga Panel Naruto
Mito Talking With Kushina

Mito also revealed how the clan used to stay in a village called the Village Hidden By Whirling Tides, which was soon destroyed after Kushina’s move to the
Konoha village, leaving her as one of the last descendent of the clan.

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Why Uzumaki And Uchicha Clans Are Similar

Naruto lovers would notice a pattern in how the Uzumaki clan suffered a similar fate to that of the Uchiha Clan. Both of the families were feared by those around them due to their powers eventually leading to their end.

Naruto And Sasuke
Naruto And Sasuke, One Of The Last Few Remaining Descendents Of Their Clans

Naruto and Sasuke both were also caught in a war of generational hate against each other, and the beautiful story of Naruto covers how they both manage to finally end it. There were many hard-fought battles with no clear winner each time, nonetheless, both of them managed to realize there is more to the world rather than just power and fighting.

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