Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Quit American Idol

Fans will be disappointed to hear that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have decided to leave American Idol. Their decision to quit comes after doing only one series of American Idol. The news comes in the same month that Randy Jackson also left the panel of judges. However, both celebrities feel that they have other things that they want to do. They have other places that they want to be.


Nicki Minaj Tweeted to all her fans that she was grateful of the life changing experience that American Idol offered her and she wouldn’t exchange the experience for anything, but wanted to concentrate on her music passion. Nicki Minaj is now focusing on a world tour.

Mariah Carey made $18 while Minaj made $12 million during their year of judging the reality show. In all the 12 years of broadcasting American Idol, the ratings have fallen to their lowest point with only 14.2 million watching the season finale.

Fox, who airs the talent show, said that Mariah Carey was a worldwide icon and they felt extremely blessed to have her as part of the show.

Before the decision was made, there were plenty of rumors swirling about whether the four judges would return for Season 13, but now it looks like those rumors are coming true. Nobody knows if the producers told the three judges they wanted them to leave the show and left it up to them to make it appear like it was their decision. Keith Urban is the only judge left that has not announced he is leaving the show and his status is not known. Keith Urban may leave the show, but there have been no announcements yet. Due to the falling ratings, the producers are obviously worried and going in a different direction as they choose the judges for the Season 13 show. It has been mentioned that Jennifer Hudson may be a possibility of judging Season 13. There may even be a former American Idol contestant as a judge.

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