Nicole Scherzinger cloned in Romania!

How did this happened?Who was responsible for cloning Nicole?Relax!It’s a joke!Nicole wasn’t cloned..God created a second Nicole in Romania,and she has a huge talent too,surprisingly.She started her career in Bamboo club in Bucharest where she sang some great pieces along with James Smith,an american artist.Even that she just started her singing career,she is known by almost everybody in Romania,and her concerts were already outnumbered.

Most of the people ger her confused with the original Nicole Scherzinger,the star of the “Pussycat Dolls”,even some dj’s in Romania thought it was Nicole.Her band it’s formed of her,and two excelent dancers, all together forming “Black Diamond”.

I am happy to present two clips of her’s,which totally impressed me in a very good manner.What do you think about the Nicole no.2?You are welcome to say your opinion…





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