Noticeable Celebrity Fashion From Grammys 2014

The 56th Grammy Awards were broadcasted live on January 26th from Staples Center, L.A., and the star-studded event saw many celebrities hitting the right notes in terms of fashion. The occasion itself called for broader wardrobe options and majority of the superstars didn’t disappoint.


Several different trends were observable during the night, ranging from rose-gold gowns and green-gold cocktail dresses to musical notes on skirts and natural colored dresses. The following celebrities added a lot of spark to the eventful night with their outfits:

1.  Taylor Swift

She called her outfit quite heavy, but that didn’t stop the Gucci dress from making a style statement. The fashion critics and her fans appreciated the latticework and crystals on the dress, which turned out to be consistent with her well-dressed look in the Grammys Award 2013; she wore details in a shimmering and a sultry thigh-long slit, along with heels, earrings and an elegant ring.

That wasn’t all from the 4-award nominee, as she later took the stage in different attire that featured a Greek-inspired neckline falling off her shoulder and a skirt that appeared to be made from chiffon falling behind her and off the stage.

2.  Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s red carpet outfit was the highlight of the night apart from her staggering performance on Drunk in Love with Jay Z. She was wearing Michael Costello’s perforated, sheer gown in white and it complemented her figure in style. The dress also added appeal to her hair and makeup, smoothly matching her skin tone.

Her accessories were also noticeable and apart from her stunning chandelier earnings, she was wearing $10 million worth of diamonds on her fingers. The different shapes look unusual at the first glimpse, but the product listings on indicates it’s normal for diamond rings to come in different shapes such as oval, radiant, heart and pear. Also, colored diamond rings are also trending in today’s fashion: stars have been wearing chocolate, yellow and blue diamonds since the 2000’s.

3.  Rita Ora

The 50 Shades of Grey star looked impressive draped in gold as she flaunted a short frock and a trimmed-down hairstyle. Kelly Osbourne from E! News later revealed that the short metallic dress even reflected a purple-green tint based on the way the light poured on it. Ora equally made a statement with her eyeshades and rest of the makeup.

Later on during the post-show festivities courtesy of the Universal Music Group, she kept her first impression with killer a Marilyn Monroe inner, blond curls and a gusty dress in white. She was also wearing solid jewels, which were more evident in an Instagram picture shared by the star herself.

4. Paris Hilton

She has been known for twirling the fashion police upon arrival at no events, and the story was no different at the 2014 Grammys. She flaunted a sheer gown that was revealing in the right places and seemed to enjoy all the attention she received.

It was a full length gown in white from the House of Milani but what really caught everyone’s eye was the back featuring the nude mesh panels, revealing plenty of skin. The front of the dress featured a busty turtleneck; the overall outfit complemented her hairdo, makeup and elegant white earrings.

Who were your best-dressed picks from the Grammys 2014? Feel free to leave comments.

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