Olivia Culpo Wins

Olivia Culpo Miss Universe 2012 was crowned on 20 December much to the pride of all Americans. She was beside herself with joy and managed to control her joy.

This was obvious when she almost took her victory catwalk without the Miss Universe crown. The former Miss Universe Leila Lopes handed over the coveted crown while arresting the situation with elegance.

This was a great moment for the middle born of 5. The win was a great thing for America as she added referring to Newton Conn. The death of Newton Conn was a blow to the US. The elegant girl took the walk of fame with delight and sparkle exuding the reason why she won the most prestigious beauty title in the world.

The road to the Miss Universe title was not easy as was seen on the screens all over the Universe. The announcement was met with a lot of reactions from all. The world however seemed to agree with the decision.

olivia culpo miss universe
The Miss Universe title was Olivia Culpo’s dream. The family admits to not been in much bothered when she started off on her beauty pageants interest. Olivia had joined the Rhode Island beauty pageant and emerged the winner. This was when the parents and siblings took notice and started helping her along. The father admits to not knowing what the whole idea was about let alone the requirements.

Olivia appreciated her siblings as caught on her final question. The judge asked what it is that she had never told anyone and would never do again. She expressed her gratitude to her siblings revealing that she had picked on them countless times. She however added that she had no regrets about it as it shape all of them to what they had become.
The Sophomore at the Boston University had turned a simple dream into a world sensation much to the surprise and delight of her parents. The Miss Universe crown comes with perks and responsibilities that have now been handed to her. The journey for Olivia Culpo seemed to have just began.

Photo credit : UsMagazine

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