Olivia Wilde does compliment to Jeff Bridges

Olivia wilde

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Olivia Wilde has a good opinion about Jeff Bridges because she got to know him better in the new movie "Tron".

“Jeff just knows how to have fun. He brings a levity to [acting], a joy to it. That’s rare, believe it or not,” she said.

Olivia was in the most watched tv serial "House",produced by Hugh Laurie.

“I was so terrified my first day, because he’s so fabulous and he’s immediately disarming,” she said. “Even though he is brilliant at doing drama, he has this amazing sense of humor and a lightness of heart that permeates the room.

“I think that immediately softened me and made me more comfortable and able to do scenes one-on-one with him, which previously I had been so terrified to do, because I thought I would mess up and destroy it for him. But he couldn’t be more encouraging.

“He has, multiple times, allowed me to continue working on a scene that I felt like I hadn’t done my best. And he would say, ‘Well, hold on, let’s do it again. I know they’re pressuring us to move faster. Everybody wants to get out of here. It’s expensive to keep a show running late, but if you need the time, you take the time.’ And having someone like that on the show is invaluable, and I think that’s why it turns out well.”



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