OMG! “Kristen Stewart likes things in mouth”,she tells Conan

You did not read incorrectly, it is true and straight from Kristen Stewart own mouth. Conan was the recipient of this tantalizing interview with the star of the mega movie franchise “Twilight.” She appeared on the “Conan” show to discuss issues about the latest Twilight movie and had no qualms about getting into the raunchy stuff.

Yep, the interview was loaded with ear-popping, sarcastic sharp responses.
For those who do not know, the latest twilight movie has her acting out a shoomzy sex scene with her blood sucking vampire husband (This is probably enough reason to make half of you flock the cinema halls).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the latest installment of the Twilight franchise.
Kristen was asked how excited she felt to finally have the opportunity to be a vampire and get down and frisky with her “movie” husband. Her stimulating response to this “in depth serious question?”

kristen stewart conan

“Bella finally gets to be on top! Geez, how long does it take?” (Yes, how long indeed?)

The intimate scenes are not R rated (for those made of weak stomach constitution) but they do feature up close shots of “Bella’s” face. Kristen admitted to Conan that it was nice to see her own reflection while making “schmexy faces.”

Dear sweet Kristen also dove into her father’s love of her newfound popularity. John Stewart works as a stage manager in the film industry and according to his daughter, is completely into his daughter’s fame.

She said, “Oh, he loves it. He’s a total fame whore,” and not many can dispute this fact especially when he was signing autographs at Twilight LA premiere.The interesting stuff in the interview was when she was asked about her smoking habit. This is what led to the “likes things in mouth” quote. As she said, “Sorry, I had to do it.”

Kristen Stewart’s love for “putting things in her mouth” made the whole interview thoroughly enjoyable.

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