“2 days until Gear 5”: One Piece Fans are Literally Counting Days, Await Luffy Breaking the Internet Like Goku’s Ultra Instinct

It almost feels unreal how there are only two days left to the release of One Piece Episode 1071, and many around the world cannot wait any more for this release.
This episode also might just be the most anticipated premiere in the history of One Piece anime and will be covering Luffy’s battle with Kaido as we approach the end of the Wano Arc.

Luffy Gear 5
Portrayal Of Luffy In Gear 5

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Fan Reactions To One Piece New Episode Coming Soon

It was not a bluff when we claimed millions around the world are waiting for this very exact moment when Episode 1071 will be released, and it is almost a guarantee that the internet is going to break when it is finally premiered.

Fans on Twitter have literally started counting down the number of days there are left to the release of the episode, often receiving views and likes in thousands.

It also seems like fans are not the only ones hyped up about the release of the episode, as the famous AXE brand, commented about the hype in the above tweet.

Thinking that it was a good idea to do so, TOEI animation, the studio responsible for producing One Piece anime, started a tweet chain where they would count down till the first-ever appearance of Luffy Gear 5 in anime.

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As said at the beginning of the article, the hype around the release of this episode almost feels unreal, and the same was shown when the teaser of Episode 1071 was released on YouTube, which managed to gain over 20 million views in just the span of 2 weeks.

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What The Episode Will Be About

Luffy Gear 5 has been a long-awaited transformation, from being depicted in the manga over a year ago, fans have patiently waited for it to get an animated adaptation. One Piece is also known for its excellent animation, often exceeding what many fans expected of it in the first place, making everybody excited for what they have to offer this time around.

One Piece, Known For It’s Animation

The episode will showcase the final stage of Luffy’s fight against Kaido, one of the former sea emperors. After reaching his limits, our hero transforms into Gear 5, a technique that grants him the ability to have an extremely rubbery body as well as the ability to manipulate his environment to his advantage, essentially making him overpowered.

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Luffy gear 5 one piece

While in this new transformation, Luffy’s appearance is said to resemble that of the legendary Sun God, Nika. All his powers and abilities are granted to him by the Paramecia-type Devil fruit Gomu Gomu Ni, which was formerly known as
Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika, known for essentially granting its user the abilities of the previously discussed sun god.

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