What is Toon Force? One Piece Gear 5 Abilities Explained in Detail

Cartoons are something that not only kids, but everybody loves. It is a form of entertainment know for being often goofy, which the viewers like and love.
This goofyness often originates from something termed as “Toon Force“,
more on that later.

Cartoon and Anime are often counted as a single category, which might infuriate some watchers as there are a lot of distinctions between the two, but in the end they originate from the same source.

Recent Shonen Jump Showcasing Different Anime

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What Is Toon Force

As discussed earlier, Toon Force is something that is often used as a source of goofiness in the animated industry. To dive deeper into the same, Toon Force is a term given to when a character breaks the basic law of physics in an attempt to deliver humor to the watcher.

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It can be either when a character have a rubbery body so physical harm like a punch or a bullet shot will be either reflected or absorbed with no harm. This term can also be used at points where the character does unbelievable actions such as walking on air or stretching their bodies to an unbelievable extent.

toon force in cartoon, looney tunes
Demonstration Of Toon Force In Looney Tunes Cartoon

The most recent example of Toon Force being used in Anime instead of a cartoon like usual is when One Piece Episode 1071 was released, which showcased Luffy’s latest Gear 5 transformation.

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One Piece Gear 5 Uses Toon Force

It is a rare sight to see something like Toon Force being used in anime, as they are often considered to have more of a serious depiction than the humour centred cartoons.

However, the latest One Piece episode has breaken this taboo, with the showcase of Luffy Gear 5 transformation, it was revealed that he too, can use this unique force to his advantage.

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Luffy was shown having a really rubbery body which seemed unreal and nothing that we have ever seen before. He was also shown using the ability where he can literally manipulate his surroundings to his advantage by changing their shape. One such example of the same would be when he lifted the whole ground up like it was rubber to reflect one of Kaido’s attack.

Luffy Gear 5 In Episode 1071

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Luffy was also granted a whole new set of abilities which allowed him to make use of powers one could have never imagined before. While all of these attacks are not yet showcased in anime yet, they have been depicted well in the manga. Some of his abilities include Gomu Gomu no Dasshutsu Rocket, Gomu Gomu no Kaminari, and Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun, which was used to finally defeat Kaido.

Luffy’s appearance is said to resemble that of the legendary Sun God, Nika. All his powers and abilities are granted to him by the Paramecia-type Devil fruit Gomu Gomu Ni, which was formerly known as
Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika, known for essentially granting its user the abilities of the previously discussed sun god.

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