“Wasn’t even close”: Dragon Ball Fans Annihilate One Piece as ‘Lackluster’ Gear 5 Couldn’t Hold a Candle to Ultra Instinct Hype, Didn’t Break the Internet Like Goku

One Piece Episode 1071 was something that millions around the world were eagerly waiting for the last year, after being finally released yesterday, i.e. August 6th bought with itself a lot of joy for the fans who finally got to catch a glimpse of Luffy Gear 5 in the animated form.

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece
A Look At Luffy Gear 5 In Episode 1071

However, it has also become a hard truth to accept that the episode was not able to go to the extent of breaking the internet and other terms surrounding it, and while it was received very well and the hype was very real, fans are claiming it was nowhere close to what Goku’s Ultra Instinct Transformation did to the internet a few years ago.

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A Flashback To Goku’s Ultra Instinct Transformation

In order to compare something with another, it is important to set a scenario in the observer’s mind elucidating both sides. We need to go back to over 6 years ago, or 2017 when a multi-universe battle royale was organised in the Dragon Ball world, which in the end all boiled down to Goku standing against Jiren from universe 11.

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Jiren is the hardest opponent Goku has ever faced, with Jiren’s power matching to that of Goku himself, it was a hard-fought battle. It was also during this fight that Goku managed to attain the mastered form of Ultra Instinct, something which all gods of destruction stood up to show their respect for.

The episode where Goku finally achieves his mastered ultra-instinct state is the one which managed to break the internet at the time. The form was so powerful and visually stunning that it quickly became one of the most popular transformations in the series, with some even calling it simply Majestic.

Goku Ultra Instinct
Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Form

The episode where Goku first achieved the form crashed several streaming sites, and it was the most-watched anime episode of all time for a brief period. UI Goku also managed to become a cultural phenomenon, with many considering him the strongest character in the anime world from that point onwards.

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Dragon Ball Fans On Twitter Troll One Piece Latest Episode

The release of One Piece Episode 1071 was nothing but spectacular, millions of fans around the globe were waiting for this exact moment, so they can see Luffy Gear 5 in all its glory, and while it still managed to take down the servers at Crunchyroll, it can not be considered to be anywhere close to what Goku Ultra Instinct did to the internet.

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece
Luffy Gear 5 Showcased In One Piece Episode 1071

Realising the same, many Dragon Ball, as well as Naruto fans, took to Twitter to point out this fact and rub it in the faces of One Piece fans. With many pointing out how it was not even a fraction of the hype Goku managed to generate all those years ago.

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It was also claimed by another fan that if not even Ultra Instinct, but Goku Super Saiyan was something which would have happened in 2023, it would have been absolute chaos when compared to Luffy Gear 5.

Few of them even went to the lengths of mentioning how many One Piece fans were supposedly not even born yet when Goku Super Saiyan came out, claiming it to be a cultural icon and something which Luffy can not come close to at all.

There were also many Naruto fans included in this, with one user mentioning how the popularity compares between the two anime when it comes down to the number of views on YouTube, comparing Naruto’s Baryon Mode to Luffy Gear 5.

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The same user then went ahead and even posted about how Naruto using the restroom gets more views than one of the biggest One Piece Fight scenes.

It is observed to be an everyday occurrence now that fans of anime commit to trolling other fanbases for absolutely no benefit at all, making their own community toxic and embarrassing other fans of the same anime.

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