Who Voice Zoro and Sanji in One Piece? Other Shows You Never Knew You’ve Heard Them in 

The animated industry is a popular attraction and makes it one of the most desirable fields to work in. Areas like animation and voice acting is where many excel in which gives life to any character they might create or voice in a series.

When we talk about the Voice Acting industry specifically, it is a little messed up. However, despite controversies surrounding on how much this field actually pays it workers, there are still enough opportunities that are given to many like
Mayumi Tanaka ( voice actor of Luffy in One Piece) to create a brand and value out of themselves and their skills.

mayumi tanaka one piece luffy
Mayumi Tanaka, Voice Actor Of Luffy

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Kazuya Nakai’s Work As One Piece Zoro And Other Characters

Kazuya Nakai is a renowned voice actor and is loved for his role as Roronoa Zoro in the series. He has been on the series ever since the character was first introduced which has led him to building a legacy playing this role. He has also appeared as the voice actor of Zoro in One Piece movies as well.

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However, it must be noted that he is not only known for his role in One Piece, Nakai is almost a veteran in the industry with over 27 years of experience. He debuted as Witz Sou in After War Gundam X series which was soon followed by a role in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars as Ittou Asanuma.

kazuya nakai zoro one piece voice actor
Voice Actor Of Roronoa Zoro

Besides the above stated series already, he has also voice acted in Dragon Ball GT, Angel Links, Detective Conan, Naruto Shippuden and many more, which makes him a highly versatile actor.

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Hiroaki Hirata’s Work As Sanji And Other Characters

Similar to the legacy of Zoro’s voice actor, this versatile actor voices none other than Vinsmoke Sanji himself, a character from One Piece who is a part of the Straw Hat Pirates group as well is an excellent cook.

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Apart from his role as Sanji, Hirata is also very popularly known for his role as Genma Shiranui in Naruto, making him one of the few voice actors who have worked a considerable role in both of Naruto and One Piece.

Hiroaki Hirata one piece sanji voice actor

Apart from his roles in Naruto and One Piece, he is widely recognised for his debut work in Detective Conan followed by his work in Digimon, he has also worked in My Hero Academia Season 6.

He has even worked in video games like Final Fantasy XII, Sword Art Online game series and Devil May Cry 4 & 5.

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