One Punch Man Creator Made Saitama Bald & Ugly as “World’s full of cool looking heroes” Like Goku and Luffy

In a recent interview with the Weekly Shonen Jump, ONE the creator of the popular webcomic One Punch Man discussed his drive for the series his impression of webcomics in Japan, and the resolution of a hero.

Our beloved Saitama with Goku and Luffy

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POV of the creator, One Punch Man on Saitama as Bald and Ugly

Bald Saitama with ugly punches

When asked about his inspiration, for creating a bald and ugly superhero like Saitama, ONE answered most intriguingly, his thoughts on creating a character who contrasted with the typical cool-looking heroes like Goku and Luffy, that are often seen in manga and anime. He aspires that a hero’s coolness comes from their character and inner spirit and not their appearance and the looks should not be a judge of their character.

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WSJ: What inspired you to draw a bald average-looking superhero like Saitama?

ONE: The world is full of cool-looking heroes, so I didn’t think that was something I wanted to write about. Plus, I believe that heroes’ coolness comes from their spirit and not their looks. I don’t think how a hero looks is that important.

Significance of Aesthetics

As ONE indicates that we are 70% visual. This means that the first thing we take in when absorbing information is through our eyes. That is why aesthetics are paramount in all forms of media, art, advertisement, or webcomics constructed.

We all Love that dumb and ugly look on Saitama

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In the case of One-Punch Man, Saitama’s bald and ugly looks is a deliberate preference by ONE. He wanted to indulge a character who was not defined by his looks, but his spirit and character. However, this does not mean that aesthetics are not important in One-Punch Man. The series is full of alluring action sequences and stunning character designs.

No one messes with Saitama and Genos

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Following of One-Punch Man

The significance of aesthetics in One-Punch Man is further reflected in the enthusiasm of followers for the series anime adaptation. The anime is lauded for its flattering animation and fluid fight scenes. This shows that even though Saitama is not a conventionally attractive character like Goku or Luffy, he can still appeal to viewers through his unique design and powerful personality.

Saitama saving the day

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The Future of One-punch Man

If Saitama were to be redesigned to be more cool looking and attractive, would he still be as appealing to the followers? This is a question that can only be answered with time. However, aesthetics play a significant role in the appeal of One-Punch Man. Whether or not Saitama’s appearance is changed to cool looking hero like Goku or Luffy, the series will continue to be popular as long as it continues to deliver exciting action scenes and compelling characters.

Saitama will always be that ugly hero who we adore so much

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In this article, we have explored ONE’s unique and intriguing perspective on the World full of good-looking heroes like Guku and Luffy and created a character that was bald, ugly, and stood out from the conventional aesthetics. The potential future of the series.

We hope you found this article informative and thought-provoking. Thank you for hanging with us!

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