Oracle Hardware Chief To Lead The Cloud Department

Dave Donatelli is a really well-known figure at Oracle. He managed to lead the hardware division to very good results, ever since the departure of the old company leader. When Charles Phillips was president of Oracle the focus was put on something else but after the departure, the new hardware focus did benefit Donatelli.

Donatelli was confirmed to be the new head of the cloud department at Oracle, with an announcement that is believed to have been made a couple of weeks ago. Oracle is currently not making any public remarks about this topic. It is not that difficult to understand why since we are going to be faced with some stock market changes as soon as this becomes public.


In Oracle we basically have an expansion. As connected with this expansion, Dave Donatelli is believed to take on all the responsibilities associated in the past with Shawn Price. He was the vice president of cloud at Oracle. No word was issued or learned about for how long the move will be in place. It was mentioned that Shawn Price took time off but there is no reason associated with this. According to internal reports, Donatelli is going to keep reporting to Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO.

If you take a look at Dave Donatelli’s record, you will notice that he is a really hard charging executive that is specialized in sales. He did work at EMC and at Hewlett-Packard before the market split. His joining Oracle took place a little over one year ago.

Oracle at the moment is faced with a really tough competition. Just like the other IT powers on the market like Microsoft and IBM, Oracle tries to move towards using cloud technology and moving away from software and hardware sales. Cloud computing technology stands out as a great way to handle different problems that may exist for business users. There is also a pretty strong competition coming from Infor, especially in the ERP sector of cloud computing. With this in mind, Donatelli’s work will definitely be important for Oracle and the cloud department.

It was Amazon Web Services that stood out as the innovators in the public cloud computing sector, with the business starting around 10 years ago. Clients are now mainly made out of startups but there are also different Fortune 500 companies that do use AWS. Infor is actually one of the companies that uses AWS based cloud applications to offer services to business users. Traditional software and hardware players on the market are now hit so Oracle needs to do all that it can in order to be a player in the cloud technology market.

The entire business world is hit by a strong cloud transformation. The old IT companies are now streamlining operations and cutting jobs. There are even companies that decided to split themselves into various companies. With the entire IT world affected by the recession and by the opportunities offered by firms with cloud technology deals, it should come as no surprise to see that so many end up faced with problems. This does include Oracle so Donatelli will have to do a really good work in the future in order to make some changes

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