Oscar de la Renta’s Final Collection

The Oscar de la Renta final collection was recently presented (posthumously), as the all-time great designer passed away in 2014. He began his career in the 1950s and was known for his uncompromising approach to fashion design. He was never the biggest in terms of money making and appeal, but his style and business acumen kept him near the top of the fashion game for decades.


His goal was to make every woman feel like a star, and he succeeded, clothing Hollywood’s A List, First Ladies (including Kennedy and Obama), and the urban elite. However, he believed in complexity of design, but simplicity of form in order to create a uniquely American aesthetic, and this was on display in the Oscar de la Renta Final Collection.


The Oscar de la Renta Final collection was only partially designed by him, as much of the work was begun by his design heirs. Of course, the looks of the collection were classic de la Renta, with beautiful, subdued and elegant color for day wear, while clean lines and tasteful sexiness ruled the evening wear.


One stand out was a double-faced cashgora coat in periwinkle, fitted over a lean stretch navy dress for a relaxed looking ensemble that could be worn just about anywhere, especially New York on a mild fall day. Also of note, but more for evening events there were floral pattern mikado cocktail tops, accompanied by cropped pants and amazing tulle gowns. There was much navy and a bit of silver mixed throughout.

Some other great looks erred on the side of bright and breezy. One such was the baby blue and white, check shirt and shorts combo which was accompanied by bejeweled three strap sandals. Much like a number of other items, it seemed as though Mr. de la Renta may have had the beach on his mind, despite always being associated with urban style. That same color scheme and pattern was included in a more “urban” look, with a long sleeved jacket over a white lace top. On the bottom, slim white pants, with a blue belt and white flats, perfect for a brunch meeting in late summer.


Keeping with the light and playful tone, a more classic and slightly more formal set of outfits were on offer. One favorite was a slimming pink 3/4 dress with a single white lapel and gold broach, again accompanied by multi-strapped sandals, making it yet again evoke the beach, but also eminently wearable in more formal settings.


But it was not all air and light. Remaining with the checked patter theme, the Oscar de la Renta Final Collection had some slightly more serious looks. There was again, a white short sleeved shirt, but this time in lace and worn along black and white pants. This was similar to lace shirt, worn under a black and white checked coat on top of just black shorts, with black and white patent leather style shoes, making it seem like this particular line was more geared towards a night out in the Hamptons.

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