Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Skiing Incident

Patrick Schwarzenneger skiing incident

Skiing is a sport that is loved by many people but can be an extremely dangerous activity. Even at some of the best resorts you can have an accident. Common types of accident include collisions, falls and negligence.

A collision is said to be the cause of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver son Patrick’s recent skiing accident. Patrick Schwarzenegger struck an inanimate object which resulted in him being transported to Sun Valley hospital in Idaho. Patrick suffered some bruising and a few stitches but other than that he seems to be recovering well.

This 18 year old has proven that he is resilient once again. Patrick tweeted to his followers shortly after his hospital visit to let them know that he was okay. He even added a link to his tweet that contained a picture of his back and lower extremity showing off stitches and all! The next time that Patrick decides to go skiing, he should be a little more careful.

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