Patrick Swayze’s Widow Finds Happiness In New Marriage

Last weekend may go down in history for Kim Kardashian’s third walk down the aisle, but another bride gave herself to a new man, too – Patrick Swayze’s loving widow, Lisa Niemi, remarried as well.

Lisa NIemi

It seems like it was just yesterday that the ‘Dirty Dancing’ star passed away, losing a dramatic fight again pancreatic cancer, but Niemi has in fact been widowed for five years now, since his death in September 2009.

Niemi, who is a former dancer, choreographer and actress, finally let go of her beloved dead husband of more than 30 years by marrying for the second time, taking jeweler Albert DePrisco as her new husband.

Lisa’s Florida wedding held no similarities to Kim’s own Florence festivities, with only 50 guests attending the elegant understated nuptials, where the bride walked down the aisle in a custom Oscar de la Renta gown, keeping pace with her wishes for a ‘fresh but happy’ ceremony.

Lisa and Albert had been engaged for about 5 months, since People had revealed at the beginning of the year that the jeweler had proposed to his bride on Christmas Eve, according to their representatives, after the couple had been dating for close to a year and a half, since they had met in 2012.

Before her nuptials, last weekend, the bride-to-be had spoken about the wedding, where the soundtrack included everything from romantic classics to current hits and even a string-quartet led by Lisa Niemi’s own nephew, that what she looked forward the most was looking into her future husband’s ‘twinkling eyes’ as she walked down the aisle and stood beside him at the altar.

This is definitely a new chapter in the life of the woman who will most likely continue to remembered as Patrick Swayze’s life, and one which shall hopefully bring her some more happy days, like she wished for at the time of her loved husband’s passing, as she’d stood by his side, caring for him through his battle with cancer.

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