Microsoft Letting a Chosen Few Play Starfield Before Its September 6 Release – Who Are They?

Since its first-ever tease at E3 2018, fans have been waiting for this game’s launch for the last six years. With two delays already and a lot of excitement, Microsoft and Bethesda are finally buckling up to launch Starfield on September 6, 2023.

Official Gameplay Trailer For Starfield 2023

While everybody waits eagerly to finally be able to play the game after it launches, it has come to attention that there are some people who are already trying their hands on the soon-to-be-released Starfield.

Who Are The Lucky Ones

A Reddit user on the Starfield subreddit has pointed out how Pete Hines, senior vice president at Bethesda Softworks, and Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming and the Xbox brand have been trying out the game ahead of its release in September.

This is possible due to the fact that they both have public accounts and you can follow their accounts without them having to confirm it.

Upon a closer look, one can notice that no achievements have been picked up yet in the game for their respective profiles, which indicates that they are not live in the current build of the game yet.
While Microsoft and Bethesda put their maximum efforts into releasing the game without many bugs at launch, it is still uncertain if the duo was testing for any bugs or if they were just checking the game out for themselves.

Pete Hines and Phil Spencer, The Duo Who Got Spotted Playing The Game

What Is Starfield

With active development first dating back to 2015, it is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is scheduled to be released on September 6, 2023, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Set in the 24th century, players will play as “Constellation”, a space explorer who can travel to and explore different planets.
The game will be featuring many different planets to choose from and will be able to explore each of their environments and culture alike as well as be able to complete quests. One of the more fun and exciting features is how players will be able to build their own starships to go to different parts of space.

A Look At A Starship From The Official Gameplay Trailer

Timeline Of Development

Todd Howard, director of the game has revealed that active production for Starfield began just after the release of Fallout 4, which was in 2015. Below is a timeline for the known developments relating to Starfield up until now.

Timeline Depicting Starfield’s Development.

With less than two months remaining, Starfield is finally set to release with early access on September 1, 2023, exactly five days before the public launch to those who bought premium pre-order bundles.


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