Pictures of Shakira’s Two Angels finally out

The Hips Don’t Lie Hit maker and famous footballs player have finally done it. The first baby picture of a 2 week old Milan was released on Shakira’s UNICEF website showing Pique planting a gentle kiss on his son’s cheek, could it be more adorable?
shakira baby 2013

Shakira had earlier announced on twitter that she would have a picture of her two angels posted on her UNICEF website earlier this week. Being a humble lady and a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Shakira didn’t let Milan have all the glory. In fact, she asked her fans to make donations to a baby shower so that even the needy children get to have a bearable time, talk about good maternal instincts.

Born on the 22nd of January, Milan has only been around for 2 weeks but he’s already turning in to such a hunk. Anyway, what do you expect when both the mother and father look stunning? As 36 year old Shakira and 25 year old Pique step in to the world of parenthood, we wish them all the best.

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