Pierce Brosnan

Date of Birth
16 May 1953, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Birth Name
Pierce Brendan Brosnan

6′ 1˝” (1.87 m)

Mini Biography

Pierce Brosnan was born in Navan, County Meath, Ireland on May 16, 1953 and lived in Navan, County Meath until he moved to England, UK at an early age (thus explaining his ability to play men from both backgrounds convincingly). His father left the household when Pierce was a child and although reunited later in life, the two have never had a close relationship. His most popular role is that of British secret agent James Bond. The death, in 1991, of Cassandra Harris, his wife of eleven years, left him with three children – Christopher and Charlotte from Cassandra’s first marriage and Sean from their marriage. Since her death, he has had two children with his second wife, Keely Shaye Smith.
In 1980 Brosnan was married to Cassandra Harris. They remained together until she lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 1991. While married to Harris Brosnan legally adopted her children, Charlotte and Christopher, after their father died in 1986. He also had a child of his own with Harris, Paris. In 2001 he remarried to Keely Shaye Smith. They are currently married and have two children, Dylan Thomas and Sean William. Although happily remarried, Brosnan remains loyal to his deceased wife stating, “Cassie has made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am. She’s forever embedded in every fiber of my being”.

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