Prada Resort 2016 Collection Is Filled With Fashionable Childish Printed Fabric

The Prada Resort 2016 collection was a hit at the Milan fashion week. Miuccia Prada believes that men and women fashions should be shown together, not separately. “It is more today. Otherwise it looks like we are in classes, in the time of my grandfather, women divided from men,” She said, last year, to The Telegraph.

Both the men’s and women’s fashion collection had 60’s inspired sweaters, layered knee socks, tank tops, and fetish skirts, with funny childish printed rockets, cars, spaceships, eyes and arrows. The fabric and pieces presented as wear-ability and cozy, with a relaxing attitude to the crowd at the runway.


The men’s collection was also stylish with cardigans over button shirts, mismatched suits over hoodies, rumpled tucked in sweaters, with lots of socks on everyone. The ultra-short shorts might be a bit much though. The hems came to the top of the thigh, with contrasting stitching, and some done in leatherette. The men’s zipper tank tops, and zip shoulder pocket outerwear was impressive.

The ladies also had some short leg baring clothing in the shorts, and spliced thigh high dresses. With a rainbow of color and shades of grey, black, reds and blues, rust and burgundy, bring a retro mood to the stage. The outfits fit into any wardrobe, business style, feminine, sporty, and relaxed. Tube skirts, t-shirt dresses, and printed snakeskin with chain straps worn over sweaters, are all styles that people couldn’t get enough of.

Accessories included neon arrows and racer strips, with small hand held bowling bags spray-painted eyes X-ed out. Mary Janes pointy-toes with grandma knee high socks, and chain sandals were shown off by super skinny beautiful models. Cat eye makeup and messy updo hairstyles finished the look off, making the models seem fun and relaxed.

Miuccia Prada is an Italian men’s and women’s fashion designer. She was born in Milan, Italy, and is the youngest grand daughter to Mario Prada, who started the Prada industry. She took over the family luggage business in 1978, which led her to dazzle the world in 1985 with black nylon backpacks and handbags. In 1995 Prada unveiled their first line of men’s clothing.


Miuccia took the small Prada family luggage business to a multi-million dollar powerhouse company. It is reported that annual revenue for 2002 was more than $1.9 billion! Prada blazed her own trail in the fashion industry, fearless to try new styles not yet discovered. “If you want to know what a season is about, you don’t miss the Prada show,” a fashion director told TIME magazine in 2004.

In 2010 Prada was given the McKim Medal Laureate, for fashion and business achievements, at the Villa Aurelia of the American Academy in Rome. In 2013, she was awarded the International Designer of the Year at the London Coliseum. As well, in 2014, she was listed the 75th most powerful women in the world by Forbes.

Miuccia also loves art, and owns an art gallery. She is a collector of contemporary art, owning many artworks by Young British Artists and Cindy Sherman. Everything that Miuccia’s Prada brings to the runways is her own ideas, and expressions of her energy and love for fashion. We will always see adventurous, fun, and inspirational styles from Prada. We can’t wait to get our hands on the Prada Resort 2016 collection.

Photos credit : Prada

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