Premiere of Hannah Montana Movie

This girl it’s simply amazing!Even that she has only 17 years her popularity it’s increasing
day by day.Some superstars make real money during the international crysis and Miley it’s
one of them!Hannah Montana the movie had a $35 million budget – so its effectively recouped its costs in its opening weekend.So think about how much money this little girl has made!
Think also how much a normal man it’s working so he can make some few money for living.
Nowadays you have to be sexy to earn your living!Miley for her age made how much a
normal man it’s making in a lot of years or never!Think about her when she’ll grow up,
she’ll make more of that!So my advice for the persons that have skills and want to became
‘someone’ you have to take in consideration that not every one reaches the high cliff,only
two kind of persons:
1.The ones who really work for that.
2.The ones that are helped from people that are already up.



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