Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to tie the knot

As the whole world is gushing about Prince Harry’s fiancé, it’s only natural that we take a look back at how she used to be before her ‘happily ever after’. Since the announcement of the royal engagement, some of Miss Markle’s long-life friends have come forward to shed some light on what England’s new sweetheart used to be like.

Naniki Priddy, a childhood friend of Meghan, even shared some photos of the two growing up and playing together. She recalls Harry’s fiancé as ‘always having had a princess quality about her; being the centre of attention everywhere she went’. Given her father’s professional background as a lighting specialist for popular sitcoms like Married with Children, this drove young Meghan to pursue stardom from an early age. Of course, now that she has found her Prince Charming in the face of the fourth in line to the throne of England, Miss Markle is surely going to bid farewell to the red carpets of Hollywood and working for a living (not permitted by royal etiquette for any member of the royal family) – a move that her recent departure from the sitcom Suits confirmed.

Many can’t help but draw a line of comparison to the fate of another Hollywood starlet-turned-royalty in the face of beloved, but tragic, Grace Kelly – who became Princess of Monaco after her wedding to Prince Rainier III. After she bore him three children – Princess Stephanie, Princess Caroline and Prince Albert – this was supposed to have been her happily ever after before her tragic death in a car accident. A fate that, hopefully, will never befall Miss Markle.

The way the love romances of these two women unfolded from a humble start in life to a privileged life in the spotlights and a royal title and real Prince by their side is truly amazing. And an inspiration for many around the globe. As Naniki laughingly admits ‘I remember the two of us fantasizing about winning the lottery when we were little. I still buy tickets every other week. If Meghan was able to land a real Prince, I figure my chances of winning the jackpot are also pretty good, but hey – a girl can dream.’

Millions would agree with Meghan’s childhood friend as they follow this fairy tale-like romance in the news with bathed breath. Because it’s not so much about Prince Harry and Miss. Markle themselves, but the hope that this has given to many. If one ordinary girl from an ordinary American town can luck out this much, it makes everything else seem that much more possible and attainable for the rest of us, doesn’t it? And while there is a limited number of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes with royal titles around the world, there is no limit to the number of lotto tickets one can buy to increase their odds of living a life of luxury, exotic vacations, expensive cars, multi-million mansions and endless perks. Besides, you don’t have to marry a royal to become a royal these days. If you have the money, you can buy the title – now, that’s something to dream about.

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