“Lost” Star Found Driving Under The Influence

matthew fox

Matthew Fox was arrested for an alleged DUI in the small hours of Friday morning. The former star in hit TV series, “Lost” has added another badge to his DUI collection with his latest citation. He was allegedly headed to a fast food restaurant in Bend, Oregon where he resides with his family when he was stopped. With him in the vehicle was an unidentified passenger.

Matthew Fox, 45, was stopped at 3:23 am local time and briefly held in custody before being released during the day. Sources say that the DUI offence was alcohol-related and other substances might not be involved. In September last year, Fox was arrested in Ohio for a public disturbance related to alcohol. He was accused of punching the driver of a private party bus.

Although no formal charges were pressed, the driver later filed civil proceedings against Fox. The actor has since countersued the driver. With Matthew Fox arrested, we eagerly await the ramifications of this development on the launch of his latest film, “Emperor”.

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