Rami Kadi’s Enchanted Fantasies

Rami Kadi’s “Le Royaume Enchanté” Couture Dress Collection was inspired by a fairy tale, and the series of ornate pastel confections look good enough to eat. The Lebanese designer is known for his huge ballgown styles and light but luxurious fabrics like tulle, organza, silk crepe and lace. Already popular amongst Arab celebrities and royalty, his clothes are definitely not for faint-hearted shrinking violets!

rami kadi dress

His theatrical styles include sugar-pink gowns that are both vast and slimline, decorated with gorgeous lace panels and trimmings, the skirts often layered like flower petals. A deeper pink shade is used for a strapless gown with a cascade of flourishes in the skirt, and also for a more pared-down style, with cutouts around the midriff, ending in more flourishes on the floor. Several other dresses come with bare midriffs, or peekaboo panels.

An elegant full-length white dress encrusted with silver could almost pass for a bridal gown, while an exquisite pale pink strapless dress scattered with pretty pastel floral motifs would make any girl the belle of the ball. Orange is featured in a strapless full-length gown with a split skirt and a pared-down silhouette; also in a full and swirling net skirt, with criss-crossed lacy bodice, and in a mini-skirted cocktail dress with gold lace bodice. The range of sexy cocktail dresses consists mostly of scaled-down versions of the grand bouffant style.


Pale blue, pale mauve and lemon are also featured, but a few dresses come in more neutral colors, such as three gowns in shades of taupe: a strapless light taupe dress with glittery butterflies and flowers in a toning shade, an elegant split-skirt gown in a satiny material of a similar hue, and a beautiful slim gown with an exquisite all-lace front panel.

The models all wear the same headgear throughout: a huge bouquet of green, white, pink and peach roses, lending a thread of continuity to the collection.

Photos credit : Rami Kadi

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