Rapper Jim Jones arrested for failing to comply with police officer

The famous rapper, Jim Jones has been arrested in New Jersey, earlier today. Police Sergeant James Corcoran, arrested him because of his disorderly behavior when officers were trying to cope with a parking situation. Jones approached an officer who was dealing with an illegally parked vehicle outside of Jim’s property. The vehicle was snowbound outside of Jones’ home.

jim jones arrested

Police say they ran Jim’s name through their system and became aware of two warrants out for his arrest. Jones denied the warrants outright and grew disorderly with the police officer. The police had no choice, but to put him under arrest for obstruction and disorderly conduct. They requested that Jim Jones should accompany the police to the station and settle the warrants. Jones refused and demanded that the police officer take him into custody for being unwilling to co-operate and obstruction.

Jones, whose real name is Joseph failed to comply with the officer regarding the illegally parked vehicle at the front of his Ward Street property. Jones first became famous as a member of The Diplomats, but his hits “We Fly High” and “Pop Champagne” have sold millions.

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