Devastating Reason Why Naruto Creator Refused Giving Sakura Better Character Development

Naruto is an anime that many have watched while growing up. Having over 700 episodes to watch, this shōnen anime is full of amazing character development as well as story build-up, contributing to its popularity.
The protagonist of the series was part of a group called Team 7, which referred to him, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakuro Haruno as disciples under the guidance of Kakashi Hatake. All of these characters have been presented as very essential to the plot as they are woven together at the beginning of the series.

Naruto Team 7
Photograph of Team 7 from Naruto Including All The Members

But over those hundreds of episodes, it has been observed from the beginning how Sakura has been dealt a bad hand in writing when compared to her companions.
When asked why this was the case, the writer of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto gave a devastating answer to all Sakura fans.

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Real Reason Behind Sakura’s Slow Development Towards The End Of Naruto

In an interview released as a follow-up to The Last: Naruto the Movie, Kishimoto revealed how he had tried to make Sakura a character that relates to the real world, however, the fan response to the same was so negative that he had to completely revise how he developed her character from that point onwards.
He then revealed how instead of making her story and development more interesting, he instead chose to make her look more attractive, this came as a shock to the fans of the character.
Sakura Haruno, as a character over time, has been criticised because of how her entire story revolves around having a crush on Sasuke Uchiha, and while Naruto and Sasuke had amazing level-ups and transformations, she barely got any development.

Sakura Crying For Sasuke
Sakura Haruno, Often Criticised For Crying For Sasuke

Sakura’s Training Arc Under Tsunade Senju

While it is nowhere near close to what Naruto and Sasuke did as the series went ahead, Sakura still faced some growth and evolution after she realised how she was far behind Naruto and Sasuke in terms of strength and skill. She wanted to become a powerful kunoichi who could help on the battlefield, and hence sought out help from Tsunade, so she can be mentored.

Under the training from Tsunade, Sakura was put through intense physical and mental exercises, and often she was pushed to her breaking point. However, after struggling at first, she eventually began to adapt to Tsunade’s Methods, which enabled her to efficiently control her chakra as well as become more durable.

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Sakura Training under Tsunade Sama
Sakura’s Training Arc

But the training eventually bought fruit as she was now able to fight much better, she had adapted the way of brute strength just like how Tsunade does as well as learnt her medical ninjutsu like how to heal injuries and wounds, something which came handy during the Pain arc.

Sakura in the fourth great ninja war
Sakura Haruno In The Fourth great Ninja War

Sakura was also able to refine her abilities more as the series progressed as she was able to use The Strength of a Hundred Seal jutsu during the Fourth Great Ninja War, a jutsu which allows its users to enhance their physical abilities in a fight.

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