4 Reasons Every Aspiring Actor Should Have an Agent

Whether or not to hire a talent agent is arguably one of the most important decisions any aspiring actor will ever make about his career. Although self-represented success stories definitely aren’t unheard of, your chances of success increase exponentially when you opt for professional representation instead. Here’s a closer look at why.

1. Better Connections

Even a budding actor who’s terrific at charming others and getting noticed can benefit greatly from the sheer number of connections even a middle-of-the-road talent agent can bring to the table. Opting instead for one with a solid track record for success (like David Guillod, to name just one example) will increase your chances of scoring a plum role even more.

2. Strong Support

Making an acting career happen on your own is incredibly difficult, if not impossible. The less actual experience and industry knowledge you have, the more important having the right professional support system in your corner becomes. When you hire a talent agent, you instantly gain a very powerful ally that will work hard to make things happen for you and with good reason. The more successful you become, the more successful your agent becomes as well.

3. More Fortuitous Deals

When you’re in the acting business, you are your own product. That said, an actor doesn’t just need to be a master of his craft. He needs to be just as good at selling himself, something an agent can be very helpful with. Your agent will understand things you don’t about how to convince producers and casting directors to take a chance on a lesser known actor. He’ll also know what it takes to negotiate deals that are as beneficial for you as possible.

4. Better Organization

It goes without saying that trying to make it as an actor is pretty exhausting. Not only do you have to hone your craft while working a day job to keep the bills paid, but you’ve likely also got a personal life to manage. Staying organized and inspired, especially when things get tough, is challenging to say the least. However, an agent can help you there as well. Making you successful and finding you work is his entire focus, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that he’s going to bat for you even when you can’t do it for yourself.

In conclusion, having an agent doesn’t just increase your chances of success. It makes everything about being an aspiring actor easier, simpler, and more enjoyable. Isn’t it time you experienced the difference?

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