Reese Witherspoon gets hit by a car

Reese Witherspoon accident

Reese Witherspoon got hit by a 84 year old woman while doing her normal running exercises.It appears that this happened to her while crossing the street,but the big question is why at that age are you allowed for driving?

I wonder how that 84 year old woman is able to drive a certain car because her hands are really trembling,right?A new law should be applied for old people,for instance people from 70 have limited access to…

I am no lay maker but just think about it!

USA Today says:

Don’t worry. She’s fine now. But on Wednesday morning at around 11 a.m., as she was out getting some exercise, Reese Witherspooon was struck by a car in Santa Monica. AP reports that the actress was crossing a street and the driver of the vehicle – an 84-year-old woman, who was driving about 20 mph – failed to stop for her. Reese was taken to a local hospital, Capt. Judah Mitchell of the Santa Monica Police Department told Access Hollywood, describing the incident as "minor." A rep for said in a statement that Reese was "not seriously injured" and was released from the hospital soon after incident. The rep said Reese was "resting comfortably at home."

Thanks GOD she’s fine!

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