Retro Revival: Trending Swimwear For Summer Of 2013

Summer is here and so are the high-waist and the one-piece swimwear! Yes, the retro look is back, but not without a twist. The most trending look for the summer is the daring retro look. So rampage your mother’s wardrobe and bring out the 50’s style once again.

Looking at the runways, the magazines and even the shopping malls, you can notice that the trending swimwear for the summer is the two-piece with a high waist bikini, made with a neon color fabric or an animal print fabric. Some designers also used a light colored machine printed fabric for the suit, with some ruffles on the upper piece.


This new look is advantageous to those who would like to hide their unwanted curves.

The one piece swimwear is also a trending look for the summer. However, it comes with a twist. Most of the one piece swimwear is designed to have a halter and with some curved openings on the side to emphasize the sexiness of one’s body. It is more daring and sexier than its two-piece counterpart.

Don’t miss out the summer fun, go to beach, but never be left out of what’s this years’ summer trending look.

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  1. Where is the bathing suit? All I see is a models’ face and silicone balls where her breasts should be.

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