Riccardo Tisci’s Style Spills Over To The Givenchy Resort 2016 Collection

Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy Resort 2016 collection revisits the shapes and styles he has established in the last 10 years with Givenchy. The runway was filled with beautiful blouses, bomber jackets and the new denim look. Colors spanned from light green, dark green, pink, tan, white, stripes, and leopard print.

A long-sleeved gown that fell straight down to the ankles, with a long V-neck cut, was a lacy material that managed to cover yet overexpose the model. The new ruffle skirts are tight to the thighs and fan out around the knees, in a mermaid type design. The elegant gowns flowed right to the ankles, and gave a look of sophistication and class.


The bold green and pink leopard stole the show at the runway. The leopard print is a repeat from the fall show, but still dazzled the runway at the Mercer Hotel. This is the eleventh collection from Tisci at Givenchy.

The fall 2015 runway, Tisci described his collection as “Victorian-chola girl.” He is Italian, but his collections have always hued a Victorian style. Just like the Givenchy Resort 2016 runway, fall 2015 runway was littered with famous Hollywood stars filling the front row seats, such as Jessica Chastain, Kim and Kanye, Amanda Seyfried, and Katy Perry.

The goth like facial jewelry has really put Tisci in a fashion bracket of his own. People have called him a goth, and the darker side of Victoriana, from his first Givenchy collection release in 2005. His facial jewelry will soon be offered for sale.


Riccardo Tisci was born in Taranto Italy, in 1974. He grew up in Como, Italy, with eight sisters and no brothers. He studies at the Design Istituto d’Arte Applicata. Tisci was named Creative Director, at the age of 29, for Givenchy in 2005. He spent most of his teen years dressed in dark goth like clothing, black makeup, and long black hair. His teen fashion in apparent in his designs of the runway. Riccardo has previously worked with Puma, Coccapani, and Ruffo Research, in his early fashion days.

Before the latest, Givenchy Resort 2016, Tisci’s made many well-known friends. He has designed personal, and stage clothing, for Madonna, Jay-z, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love, Rooney Mara, and Kanya West. He totes his alliance to friends, and he states he doesn’t care if a person is famous or not, if he likes them then they are his friend. In a genuine interview by Details fashion writer Candice Rainey, Tisci says, in his Italian accent, “I dress people even when they don’t have an Oscar nominations or they don’t have an album out. If they’re my friends, I respect them to the end.”

When Tisci started at the Givenchy house, staff said he would start at 6am and leave at midnight. That dedication captured the interest of Givenchy himself, who then invited Riccardo for breakfast one day. Givenchy didn’t talk fashion the whole visit, but gave him once piece of advice, “One, don’t forget where you’re from, and secondly, be yourself. What I’ve done is done. You have the keys to the house.” Givenchy understands when Riccardo Tisci does something, he does it intensely. This is definitely apparent in the Givenchy Resort 2016 designs. We will be seeing Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy designs for years to come.

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